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Devoted to Your Wholeness!

Truman Ridge Adult Day Center is licensed to provide continuous compassionate, individualized care and supervision of disabled adults Monday- Friday from 7:30am to 5pm. Super clean environment with care attendants and volunteers that deeply care about the well-being of others.

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Fun Active Place To Be!

We have an array of fun activities such as Bingo, Music, Movies, Birthday Parties, Bowling at the Main Event, Spades, Dominoes, Ping-Pong, and many more…

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Transportation Provided

We provide transportation from home to the day center and back home. We will assist with rides to doctor’s appointments, medications pick up from the pharmacy, shopping, and to access any other valuable resources available in the community.

We Will Take Care of You!

Services include but are not limited to assistance with activities of daily living, planned group activities, food services, participant observation, support groups, skilled nursing services as specified in the plan of care, and transportation.

Services We Offer at Truman Ridge

Adult Day Center

Why Choose Us

We safely and passionately serve our community with love and special care. Our joy is to to see our participants thriving, while staying away from unnecessary ER trips, delaying and or avoiding the chances of being institutionalized.

Nursing Services

Our competent staff checks blood pressures and blood sugars, advocating and communicating with providers to ensure the best health outcome.


We happily serve hot, cooked from scratch, hearty healthy, nutritious meals. We accommodate special diets, along with various snacks as needed..

Social Activities

Our planned activities are tailored to the participants' interests, abilities, and health conditions.

Services We Offer at Truman Ridge

Membership benefits

Nursing care

We are happy to provide onsite assessment and monitoring. We check blood pressures, blood sugars, help with medication administration, dr's appointments and everything in between..

Assistance With ADLS

Our passionate and compassionate staff is ready to assist with activities of daily living such as toileting, meals set up, taking medications, walking exercises, and more

Service With A Smile

At Truman Ridge Adult Day Program, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Our staff and volunteers was born to serve you passionately with a smile!


We hold both spiritually and emotionally enriching classes every day at 2- 3pm.