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We are excited to care for your loved one while you go to work, or catch A break. We promote socialization, educational programs, exercise Programs, Health Monitoring, Transportation Services And Assistance With Toileting, Walking, Medication Reminders And So Much More….

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Truman Ridge Adult Day Center is a licensed care facility devoted to providing specialty services to our adult and elderly community. We will always provide a clean environment with staff or volunteers that care deeply about the well being of others along with offering nursing services, social activities, transportation and more.

We believe in helping others access valuable resources in the community and doing so with the spirit of compassion in our hearts and a smile! Supporting our community by bringing joy and specialized care to our participants is our way of passionately helping people, who need assistance, thrive.

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Devoted to your wholeness

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Adult Day Center

Devoted To Your Wholeness!

Truman Ridge Adult Day Center is licensed to provide continuous compassionate, individualized care and supervision of disabled adults Monday- Friday from...

Fun Place To Be

We have an array of fun activities such as Bingo, Music, Movies, Birthday Parties, Bowling at the Main Event, Spades, Dominoes, Ping-Pong, and many more.....

Transportation Provided

We provide transportation from home to the day center and back home. We will assist with rides to doctor's appointments, medications pick up from the pharmacy...

We Will Take Care of You!

Services include but are not limited to assistance with activities of daily living, planned group activities, food services, participant observation, support...

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